111 Orte in Miami: Interview mit Gordon Streisand


111 Orte in Miami und auf den Keys, die man gesehen haben muss
ist ein sehr umfangreicher Guide über Miami und die Umgebung. Wir haben auf unserer 10-tägigen Reise natürlich nicht alles geschafft, aber schon zur Einstimmung war das Buch sehr interessant zu lesen.

Neben hilfreichen Tipps wie der Adresse, den Öffnungszeiten und weiteren Sehenswürdigkeiten in der näheren Umgebung, bietet es nämlich vor allem viele Hintergründe und Informationen zur Geschichte der einzelnen Orte. Dabei werden wirklich besondere Orte und auch viele Kuriositäten vorgestellt, die ich in anderen Reiseführern nicht gefunden habe. Dadurch haben wir u.a. viele Hähne und das Bay of Pigs Museum in Little Havana entdeckt sowie den Española Way in South Beach.

Autoreninterview mit Gordon Streisand

Im Interview hat mir der Autor Gordon Streisand seine drei liebsten Orte in Miami verraten. Außerdem hat er noch einige Tipps parat, wie man einen erfolgreichen Reiseführer schreibt!

How would you describe Miami in one sentence?

Miami is a beautiful, caffeinated mess that’s too compelling to leave you bored.

What are your 3 most favourite places and why?

1) The Jewel Box: Truly a hidden gem. Looks cool from the outside, but seeing the sun shine through the translucent concrete in shades of red, yellow, and blue from within the building is a sight to see. Every time I’ve been there, it’s been empty. Plus, it’s air conditioned…it’s an peaceful, albeit trippy, escape in the middle of the hustle.

2) Knaus Berry Farm: It’s only open for around half the year, but oh my god the cinnamon buns are insane. People wait in line for upwards of an hour to sink their teeth into these soft, buttery, sticky, sweet buns that put all other treats to shame (save the key lime pie, of course). These buns transcend reality, and they, by themselves, make Knaus Berry Farm worth the trip (and the wait).

3) Pinecrest Gardens: Purely nostalgic for me, but it’s objectively magical. An accurate culmination of Miami’s richest flora, banyans canopy most of the grounds. What used to be the Parrot Jungle (where I was taken as a young child, where my parents got married, where my mom used to work, where she used to go as a child, and where her mother (my grandmother) used to go as a child) has evolved into a more affordable and earthier (pun intended) version of Miami’s better-known botanical gardens at Fairchild.

What do you think is important when writing a travel guide?

Have a concrete plan, do your research, and be brave. Having a detailed travel plan saves time; I was able to cram in 10 locations in a day because I planned ahead (hours of operation, travel route, contingency plans, etc). Researching the location you plan to profile is also a tremendous help in the writing process; having a ton of facts to work with makes writing about places much easier and allows you, the writer, to play with those facts in order to engage the reader. Most importantly, though, be courageous in taking your adventure. Talk to people and take great pictures. The photography was admittedly the most awkward part of the process; as uncomfortable as it may feel at the time, it’s crucial to get the best picture you can…people love pictures. Tell those involved with the destinations you wish to profile that you’re writing a guide; most will be thrilled to be part of it.


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